Border Wars

Product and Interview

"Big Bird" is a unmanned cargo helicopter that can land and also capture the drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. It will not run out of fuel because of solar panels to charge the power for the helicopter. The helicopter doesn't have a driver but a crew, the computer is hooked up to a camera with a night vision and thermal vision.

"Mole" the moles job is to detect tunnels underground. It's small and is attached to a ATV as a trailer. It tells if the ground is hollow by telling the density. Border agents can find tunnels and bring the drug smugglers and illegal immigrants to Justice.

I interviewed Juan Escobar because of his expirience and exceptional service in the border patrol led to his promotion to senior special agent with the orginized crime drug enforcement task force, undercover unit of the Department of Justice thar specialized in illegal drug interdiction work. He retired from the Department of Homeleand Security and in the same year became a Texas State Representative, District 43.
How have border wars changed in the last 20 years?
They have changed dramatically since 1980 because El Salvador's economy fell and all of central america started coming into the U.S.
What of Mexico's population do border wars effect?
The border wars effect the border towns and the major cities in mexico.
What is America doing to prevent Mexico's border wars from coming to the U.S.?
Since 1980 there was only 12 border agents in Reynosa and now there is about 250 agents, the border patrol's power is getting stronger. 
How do border wars effect Mexico's economy?
The border wars are pushing tourist away from Mexico and making the economy worse. 60% of mexico's economy don't come from Mexico.