Border Wars

How have border wars changed?

The economy in mexico has been getting worse and worse, so more mexicans are moving to the united states to get more money. Since that has been happening one illegal immigrant already has $30,000. America has better technology now with computers and new vehicles. Drug cartels are getting smarter with having under cover cops and tunnels. America has unmanned vehicle like the Predator and little bird. They're  both surveillance vehicles the predator is stealth and has a camera to look with thermal and night vision, same thing with the little bird but it's a helicopter and it flies low. America has built a fence but that worked for a while until drug cartels started to build tunnels. Some parts of the border don't even have fence to block the illegal immigrants from coming into the U.S. Hillary clinton, united states' secretary of state went to mexico to talk to the government to solve problems. She talked to Mexico's government to help mexico stop the drug war from coming into the U.S.